Daily care of employees

With the expansion of production and the growth of the number of employees, the company has opened a cafe "Nine poles" in addition to the dining room, where everyone can spend their lunch time in a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

Excursion to the Coca-Cola factory

Izvarino Pharma conducts children's excursions not only to its factory, but also to the factories of other well-known companies. In January 2020, a tour of the Coca-Cola plant took place.

corporate events

Every year, the company holds themed corporate events, which can be staged by all interested employees of the company

Health Day

The own sports ground opened on site permits to organize not only friendly football and volleyball matches between company employees but also more extensive events such as Health Day.

Kids' Tour of Plant

In December Izvarino Pharma opened the doors to company employees’ children who were invited to see how their moms and dads worked in the laboratories and production.

Izvarino Pharma Celebrates its First Anniversary

In 2017, Izvarino Pharma celebrated 10 years. Over these years, the company evolved from a startup to a stable and rapidly growing company with over 400 employees.

Company Birthday 2016

In 2016, we celebrated the company’s birthday outdoors in the countryside. We shot a bow, competed in various games, passed through a quest, but the highlight of the event was a climbing wall.